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immer wenn es schwierig wird

ENG So, here’s a suggestion. Instead of thoughtless “placeholder copy,” just give it your best shot. Write what the dialog, or banner, or modal, or toast is trying to communicate, even if you feel like you don’t have the right words. I think you’ll find that trying to figure out what the actual words should say will really help you think through what the design itself is trying to accomplish. And it’s great for getting a sense of how much space the copy will take. Sometimes you’ll realize that one step in your flow should be broken into two, or maybe two steps can be combined into one. But you only have that realization when you finally think about the words.

Unsere Leistungen im Überblick:

  • Beratung bereits vor Angebotsabgabe bei der Wahl geeigneter Lagerflächen
  • Ausarbeitung eines Komplettangebotes, welches in das LV des AG eingearbeitet werden kann
  • Anmietung der Lagerflächen für die komplette Bauzeit
  • Einholung sämtlicher Genehmigungen und Anordnungen bei Behörden und Dritten
  • Errichtung und Unterhalt der Lagerflächen und Zuwegungen nach behördlichen und baubedingten Vorgaben
  • Rückbau der Lagerflächen und Zuwegungen zur Renaturierung in den Ursprungszustand
  • Dokumentation über den Bauablauf


In summation, Lorem Ipsum is the worst. It’s a dead end. A cognitive brick wall. You can’t help staring at it, but it tells you nothing about itself. It’s like one of those pretty goths you knew in high school who dressed up all fancy, but never said anything. They just sat there trying to look deep, hoping you’d think they were special. But really they were empty on the inside.